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Southcoast 22
        This webpage is dedicated to my Southcoast 22 project sailboat.  You can follow me though the restoration process and learn how to restore an old sailboat with me.  This is my first extensive sailboat project yet but should be the most fun. 
        I made this webpage to help others do the same thing I am.  Restoreing an old sailboat can be a low cost way to get into the sport of sailing.  I am restoring this boat mainly to gain experience working on sailboats.  I will try to leave enough information throughout this webpage to help give people an idea to just how much work it takes to restore one of these old boats and ways of doing so.
        You can follow the links to different webpages that show some of the different steps that it takes to make a beautiful sailboat (hopefully).
First Look and Evaluation
First getting the boat home and the shape that it is in.  But once it was cleaned up, it didn't look all to bad.
Removing the hardware and hatches
Here you can see where I removed the hardware and the hatches and how kept all the fasteners from getting mixed up so that I could re-use them.
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